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Those who taste it keep coming for more!

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We are an itinerant Creperie known for our delicious waffles on a stick and traditional crepes. Always on the road, the already famous van is in the Algarve for summer time and in Lisbon during the winter.

Our waffles are specially recognised by a light and moist pastry on the inside and a crunchy taste on the outside. They are filled according to the client’s taste and come on a stick so you can eat and walk not getting dirty on your way.

There are many traditional crepes but ours are special. Through hard work and research, we found out the secret recipe of a balanced pastry with ingredients in the right portions. It is soft, thin and tender. They are rolled up with the filling inside making them easily served and consumed.

We also serve mini pancakes and non-fried churros. To go with these specialities there are many drinks available, such as hot chocolate, various teas, cappuccino, latte macchiato, lemonade or fresh strawberry juice and, of course, the typical liqueur “Ginginha de Óbidos” to complete the tasty menu.

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Catarina Lourenço and David Simões, both with a degree in Cookery and Food Production by the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies.

We have worked in several hotel and restaurant kitchens. We point out the Bon Bon restaurant in Carvoeiro with a Michelin star, the 1000 Maneiras in Lisbon of the Chef Ljubomir, the Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa in Porches, the Hotel Cascais Miragem in Cascais and the Pestana Colombus Premium in Porto Santo, Madeira, among others.

We increasingly felt the enthusiasm of creating our own business. Chef Nelson Félix and his pastry lessons fascinated us when we learned how to make chocolate bonbons. We decided then to create a registered brand of bonbons and so the Bom2 appeared. Double Bom for Bonbon and double for two people who got together to create something so tasty that was twice as tasty as anything else! From there on we tested diverse combinations and created incredible fillings hidden in the thin, crunchy and shiny chocolate cover. Clients started ordering in an astonishing rhythm which was too difficult to comply with a small, handmade and simple production capacity. It became difficult to respond without further investment in adequate machinery, climatized production space and employees.

As the summer was waving in, it became too hot to work with chocolate. A friends’ chat led to the idea of buying a street food van. And so the bonbons production was temporarily out of the plans. New ideas started coming up. We bought the van and decorated it with the precious help of the designers of PorquêDesign.

We decided to create something that was both different and new and that’s how the original filled waffles on a stick first appeared. The name remained although the concept had been changed. Thinking about the importance of something practical to walk while eating led us to the idea of that waffle on a stick. This street food concept was first presented in the summer of 2017 by the river walk in Portimão. We were rapidly recognised for having such tasty and quality pastry and that’s when the slogan came up “Those who taste it keep coming for more!”


If you are visiting us, please post a photo or our crepes/waffles in your Instagram identifying @bomaoquadrado and using the hashtags #bomaoquadrado and #quemprovaquermais (Those who taste it keep coming for more!).

If we repost your photo you get a free waffle/crepe at your choice.

Now you know how to get free tasty pastries!


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